About Us


Baya as a brand endeavors to retain and reintroduce our rich heritage in a contemporary way. As the name goes, the brand is all about artistic weaving skills while being amiable to our fellow beings and also to our planet. “Something old is turning New again” has been the guiding philosophy and therefore the brand offers the best of both worlds, the royal and luxurious touch of the past and the technology enabled intricate craftsmanship of the present.

Vision: To be the flag bearers of conscious fashion that is royal and yet ethical. To inspire fellow beings towards making choices that thrives on compassion and is environment friendly at the same time.

Mission:To redefine the perception of fashion in the present era, and fetch wider acceptance towards cruelty free fashion that stands on the pillars of creativity and panache.

What led to BAYA?

Coming from a traditional Indian family, Namrata’s love for Mojaris and Juttis were unseizing. But these traditional foot wears were usually made of leather which was contrary to her philosophy of being environment friendly. In her quest to find something that obeys her philosophy while keeping intact her love for Juttis, she discovered BAYA.

Through BAYA, Namrata did not just want to create a new fashion line but also a new lifestyle that is inspired by sustainable living. She wanted to bring a modern touch to these traditional wears that expresses Indian heritage and ethnic design and that’s how BAYA came into being.

Salient Features

  • Sustainable and Cruelty free
  • Stickler for Veganism
  • PETA approved brand
  • Value for all fellow beings

BAYA believes in creating and contributing towards a better future for everyone in 4 fold ways:

ENVIRONMENT - Baya ensures that the production methodologies and work culture is environment friendly at all times.

SOCIETY - BAYA encourages and fosters small self-help groups to ensure their economic stability and growth.

PEOPLE - BAYA doesn’t just offer products, but instead a way of life, a lifestyle that lets you harmoniously coexist while reaping the best for both the mankind and our beloved planet.

ANIMALS - BAYA products are HIDE FREE PRODUCTS. No animals are harmed in the process.


  • CHOICE of a sustainable tomorrow
  • CHOICE of a kind future
  • CHOICE of functional fashion


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